My name is Judson Collier. We met at Lifefinder. I’m currently a student at the University of Mobile, in Mobile, AL, and a design contractor at YouVersion, the Bible App. This past summer, I spent time as an intern at an organization called charity: water.

Music I dig

  • The Lone Bellow
  • All Sons and Daughters
  • Act of Congress
  • George Kamel
  • New Movies I'm into

  • Midnight in Paris
  • Moonrise Kingdom
  • Safety Not Guaranteed
  • Books I can't put down

  • Outliers by: Malcom Gladwell
  • Quitter by: Jon Acuff
  • Love Does by: Bob Goff
  • Blue Like Jazz by: Don Miller
  • I'd like to take a leave from school after this semester to spend some time in my dream city— Nashville. I've made an attempt before, but I need a real concrete opportunity to get me off my feet from Mobile to Nashville.

    I'd love to spend a few days a week interning with you.

    You've got a lot going on: workshops, Help-Portrait, a new iPhone app, public speaking gigs, book projects, humanitarian work...the list goes on. And that’s just on the side! Let's get real. You need an intern that can manage everything outside of the photo shoot; workshop development and design, presentational design, print design, managing and designing for the blog— all the fun stuff.

    I’m glad you asked! If I were to intern for you, these are some of the things I thought I might be able to do particularly well:


    Developing Workshops

    I have a strong passion for event development. In High School I organized Jacksonville’s first BarCamp— I’d love to bring new ideas to your workshops!


    Designing Keynotes

    One of my favorite jobs at charity: water was designing keynotes— silly, I know. But for me, keynotes are the intersection between design and stories.

    Pixel Pushing

    Pixel Pushing Websites & Apps

    My primary talent has always been designing websites. I design, cut up and spice things up with JS. And sometimes if I’m feeling fancy, integrating Wordpress.

    Best way to look at some of my work? Check out my Behance!

    Although it’s not my strength, I have experience in video editing, as well as motion design and photography. As well, if I had the chance, I’d jump on learning more about photo assisting.

    Also, I'm pretty good at ordering coffee. Like, suprising impressive at ordering drinks. It's pretty incredible.

    Sure— I’m a designer and you’re a photographer. Technically, that doesn’t mesh. But I’ve never been known to be technical. Here’s why I think I’m a good fit:

    I want to be a better creative thinker. As a designer, I want to sharpen my talent, learn to think outside the box and play with different mediums— like chalk, print, motion, and more— as well as develop creative concepts and visions.

    I want more experience in workshop development. I’m passionate about teaching others design, and would love to teach and develop design workshops and conferences further in my career.

    I want to learn more about working independently. I intend to be a self-employed designer for as long as I can. I would love to learn how you navigate the self-employment realm— from developing a personal style, client development, to the simple things like answering emails (though— I’m not sure anyone has that figured out yet).

    I want to use what God’s given me for good. As a Christian, I believe the (albeit raw) talents I have were given to me by God, and I want to give back by using my talents in any way possible.


    My mom always told me: "The worst they can say is no, so it never hurts to ask". So here I am, asking. Sure, you technically might not be looking for an intern. You never asked for one. But hey, if an opportunity doesn’t knock, sometimes you have to build the door.

    I’d love to intern for you a few days a week starting in late January: rough out new ideas for projects, help develop your next workshop, maybe even photo-assist for you! I work hard, love Jesus, love a good adventure.

    If you’re willing, I’d love to meet for coffee sometime this winter in Nashville to chat. You can grill me on why I think this is such a good idea, and heck— I’ll even buy.

    the worst they can say is No, so it never hurts to just ask.